Raffaele Petrucci is an italian cinema composer, pop producer and sound engineer.
Polistrumentist, in his pro grade studio, produces music for cinema, advertising and also works as pop music producer.

Composer for national TV advertising campaigns, many shorts and several feature films such as:
‘Picasso My First Time’ (2023 – RTVE Spain, ARTE France and Germany) 
‘Last Christmas’ (2017 – Jury Prize  at Alexandria Mediterranean Countries Film Festival),
‘Malerba’ (2018 – Winner at Wag Film festival)
and ‘Come Niente’ (2021).
In 2021 ‘Come Niente’ original soundtrack received a double selection
at the Tenerife International Film Music Festival, FIMUCITÉ:
Best Original Score (Alex North Prize) and Best Original Song.

In 2022, Raffaele Petrucci received another selection: “Best Original Song”
at the Tenerife International Film Music Festival for “Fall To Reach The Stars” original song extracted from the OST of “Aria Celeste” (2022).

Wikipedia: “Fimucité is now a benchmark for world-class event for the dissemination of music for films, the island’s geographical location between Europe and the Americas, in particular with the U.S. film industry.[1] “

Film Scoring

‘Working with full orchestra, synthesisers, pop music, or all of them together my aim is always to make emotions flow and fulfill the director’s vision’


Recent release:

A musical journey in Picasso’s early and almost prophetic steps, ranging from flamenco and cinematic atmospheres to the sound of the ’60/’70, years of world wide consecration of the most influential painter of the XX century.





Vivid, catchy, emotional and brilliant compositions for adv.
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“Mamma Uovo” multiaward winner animation film for “G. Pascale” Hospital